Video Production

06We offer full service video production services including:

[accordion title=”Creative Development”]

What is the essence of what you’re trying to communicate and what are the best methods to tell your story? Who is the desired audience? What actions do you wish them to take? All of these questions and many more are addressed during the creative exploration and development stage which will lead to the concept and direction for the project.

[accordion title=”Script Writing”]

The script is your video in written form. It becomes the plan that drives the rest of the video production process. It defines all aspects of the video – identifying all that the audience will see, and all that they will hear.

[accordion title=”Talent Acquisition”]

There are times when a company spokesperson is the right person to deliver a message on camera, and there are other times when professional talent is required. By using professional actors you can frequently increase the production value of your project and enhance your message. We are fortunate in Southern California to be able to access a tremendous pool of experienced talent whether your project requires an on-camera narrator or a specialized voice-over artist.


[accordion title=”HD Shooting”]

At the heart of the production process is the image acquisition – the shooting. Anyone can buy a high-definition camera these days, but knowing how to use a camera effectively along with appropriate lighting and sound recording equipment is part of our craftwork that sets us apart. From single camera product shoots to multi-camera set-ups covering live events, we’ve got you covered.


[accordion title=”Post Production Editing”]

Whether it’s basic text and graphics, enhancement of still images, or more complex green-screen compositing, animated logos, or other visual effects, we can integrate advanced techniques into any production.


[accordion title=”Video Delivery”]

We use the latest encoding and compression tools to transfer your material to all of your desired formats, including those for YouTube and Vimeo. We can convert the media to integrate into your existing website, or provide files to play seamlessly on any phone or tablet.


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